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You likely don't need the interface or inheriting from Base Validator unless you are creating JUST a validation user control.

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When user input is being processed (for example, when a page is submitted), the validation control tests the user input and sets a property to indicate whether the input passed the test.

After all of the validation controls have been called, a property on the page is set indicating whether any validation check has failed.

Net web user control that contains a Text Box and a calendar from the Ajax Control Toolkit.

When I include this user control on my page I would like it to participate in input validation (there is a required filed validator set on the Text Box inside the UC), ie.

when the page is validated the content of the UC should also be validated.

So I had my UC implement the IValidator interface, which worked well except that I could not set the validation group on the user control.

However, in this case you can create client-side code that performs essentially the same check that your server-side code is performing.

In the final part of the walkthrough, you will add some optional information to the reservation form.

Description: An exception occurred while processing your request.


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