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This change doesn't negatively affect everyone, however.

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For users who filed their 2013 returns using Turbo Tax Deluxe software, schedule C, D, and E tax forms were included with the price.

This year, however, Intuit removed these forms for 2014 returns using Deluxe, placing them in the more expensive Turbo Tax Premier or Turbo Tax Home & Business software tiers.

New (but unhappy) Turbo Tax customers are thus better off turning to H&R Block's freebie offer. If you're an irritated Turbo Tax customer, are you planning to switch to a competitor product, or have Intuit's efforts convinced you to stay? Erin Coduti is a writer for, where this article first appeared.

The Christian Science Monitor has assembled a diverse group of the best personal finance bloggers out there.

This isn't available yet, but Intuit CEO Brad Smith said in a You Tube video that the company is moving quickly and will notify customers as soon as the change is live.

(The rebate is still available until April 20 for customers who have already upgraded.) He further stated that next year's Deluxe software will include the absent forms. Both the free upgrade and the rebate from Intuit are only available to existing Turbo Tax customers who used Turbo Tax Deluxe to file their 2013 tax returns.If these don't apply to you, then you might not take issue with this year's software.However, customers who do need these forms were thus required to pay extra money to upgrade their software before filing, an unwelcome surprise for those who had used the Deluxe software successfully in the past.Reeling from the bad publicity, Intuit responded last week, offering a rebate to customers who were forced to upgrade.But this didn't calm the anger that many felt, particularly because the cost of upgrading for some customers was much greater than what was offered with the rebate.Our guest bloggers are not employed or directed by the Monitor and the views expressed are the bloggers' own, as is responsibility for the content of their blogs. To add or view a comment on a guest blog, please go to the blogger's own site by clicking on the link in the blog description box above.


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