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—but Missy's chart shows someone who doesn't compromise and can get obsessive.

A Venus in Gemini, she likely loves the "player." While Capricorns can sometimes be too involved in their careers to get the ideal devotion and love they know they deserve, a fellow career-minded partner like Missy is ideal.

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In modern Western astrology, we look for predictions about life events and personality traits by calculating the placement of the planets at the time of birth. But with all those Scorpio vibes, it looks like Snoop is attracted (probably over and over) to intense partners. ) But it's doubtful that those more possessive connections work out.

Snoop's Moon in Scorpio suggests that he wants a long-term connection—emotionally—but because of his sexually spacey Mars in Aquarius, there seems to be a quality of not wanting to get too tied down.

And lucky Aquarius can keep up mentally, coming up with more and more inventive hook-ups.

As the archer, she's always on the hunt for the next adventure, but with her Venus in Scorpio she can get crazy jealous.

You need a partner who can share your playful approach to life—someone who likes to travel and hates to be tied to any one thing. Nicki is an über-Sag and is likely attracted to fellow Sagittarians.

This can make for the best orgasms of your life, but you both might be too self-involved to make it something longterm.

It's written in the stars: Drake is such a Scorpio, Kanye is a Gemini who claims that musicians are always Geminis, and Nicki is a Sagittarius who was born for fame. Would Drake fall in love with me, if we were to meet? While the Scorpio side means he can get very emotionally intense, his chart shows a want overall to keep it light, while still harboring a deep connection.

Throughout human history many cultures have looked to astrological events to explain life's mysteries. His chart suggests he needs a lover who is also a friend.

Personality-wise, Jay's chart gives off "preacher" archetype vibes—it's all that spiritual-yet-fiery energy that comes from his Sagittarius Sun-sign—balanced with earth and air elements.

Sexually, his chart indicates that he is likely dominant, and his Mars in brainy and offbeat Aquarius probably means he's also a little kinky.

This makes a real fire sign like Jay desperate to stir you up emotionally.


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