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Evidence of the first inhabitants date way back to 500 AD.

Wupatki is the largest building on the site, with more than 100 rooms.

Not much remains of the early settlements, but today the historical site is preserved and protected by the National Park Service and it’s open to the public.

, then you probably have a pretty good idea of what 1) a post-apocalyptic, abandoned Arizona would look like, and 2) what an ironically sane Mel Gibson actually did look like.

Well, if you want an even better idea of what the former might resemble, check out these 10 hauntingly eerie abandoned AZ places: ).

There’s something really creepy about abandoned jails and prisons, Alcatraz, anybody?

So, the empty jailhouse in Salt River Canyon didn’t actually house any Wild West outlaws, notorious killers, or criminals, it was just built as a fun spot for tourists to take photos while fueling up their cars. The protected site located near Flagstaff is home to a number of sandstone dwellings that were built by the Pueblo people.

Professor Bryan Sykes tested dozens of hair samples from across the world in an attempt to prove the existence of the mythical beasts.

Despite none of the samples testing positive, Professor Sykes remains optimistic.

Today the hollowed-out structure is overgrown with weeds and cacti, and the kennels are empty, aside from the nesting birds.

East of Flagstaff, Two Guns was once a booming tourist stop off of Route 66 outfitted with a gas station, souvenir shop, and even a zoo that housed bobcats and panthers.

) the Tumacacori Mission ruins have been a Southern Arizona landmark since 1691, when the village was established.

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