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Dunn had tats dedicated to one of his favorite bands the Red Hot Chili Peppers, along with a plus sign, a set of weights, and a BMW logo all randomly stamped on his bod. (Source: Getty Images North America) more pics star Ryan Dunn is being remembered by friends, family members, and fans today, exactly one year after his death.

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Missy tweeted this that day: Ryan Dunn: Didn’t have any kids. EDIT: Chris and Claire were separated for a while and recently got divorced. EDIT: Dave England recently has had another child named Clyde Ace England with his girlfriend Shawna (as stated on his Twitter 09/12/2012). They have a daughter that is around the same age as Johnny’s son.

He was in a relationship with Angie Cuturic and would refer to her as his girl, his fiancée, etc. Dave England: Married to Joanna England and has two kids.

“Whenever we saw each other it wasn’t handshakes; we gave each other hugs.”Dunn and pal Zachary Hartwell were both killed when Dunn's Porsche 911 GT3 just blocks away from Hartwell's Pennsylvania home.

The pair was driving at about am, allegedly after leaving a bar -- Dunn had posted a picture of them at a bar on Twitter hours earlier.

sidekick, who made us laugh as one of Johnny Knoxville's main prankster dudes, was killed in a horrific car crash outside of Philadelphia this morning, along with a still unidentified fellow passenger.

The skateboarding stunt master had been drinking at a bar in West Chester, Pa., before the accident, tweeting a picture of himself with a beer just prior to the crash.

Johnny is now married to Naomi Nelson and has a son named Rocko with her. Now he’s rumored to be dating a Japanese actress Rinko Kikuchi. : P- vivalaamyy This is a place for you to leave your confessions about Jackass, the Jackass crew, and anything else Jackass related, unpopular opinion or not.

EDIT: Bam and Missy are officially divorced as of November 1st, 2012.

Bam [Margera] decided he would as well and we all went in and got our asses shot real good.

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