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China’s bold program of reforms launched in the late 1970s—the move to a market economy and the opening to the outside world—ended the political chaos and economic stagnation of the Cultural Revolution and sparked China’s unprecedented economic boom.

This study demonstrates that many of its key concepts had been developed several decades earlier by young May Fourth intellectuals, including Liu Fu, Zhou Zuoren, and Gu Jiegang.

The Chinese folk-literature movement, begun at National Beijing University in 1918, changed the attitudes of Chinese intellectuals toward literature and toward the common people.

This timely and important collection of original essays analyzes China’s foremost social cleavage: the rural–urban gap.

The contributors, many of whom conducted extensive fieldwork, examine the historical background of rural–urban relations; aspects of inequality apart from income (access to education and medical care, the digital divide, housing quality and location); experiences of discrimination, particularly among urban migrants; and conceptual and policy debates in China regarding the status and treatment of rural residents and urban migrants. Drawing heavily upon previously inaccessible archival material from Japanese and Western companies, Wray shows how Japanese business grew out of institutional change through conflict.

In 1978, he began recalling his colorful life to Susan Chan Egan in weekly taping sessions.

His reminiscences encompass the issues and dilemmas faced by Chinese intellectuals of his period.

Unrest in China, from the dramatic events of 1989 to more recent stirrings, offers a rare opportunity to consider how popular contention unfolds in places where speech and assembly are tightly controlled.

The contributors to this volume argue that ideas inspired by social movements elsewhere can help explain popular protest in China.

The Harvard University Asia Center was officially established on July 1, 1997, to reflect Harvard’s deep commitment to Asia and the growing connections between Asian nations.

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