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I will ask myself things like, "When is the best time to tell this person?

I've had to wear diapers since I was a teenager so I know first hand how challenging dating in diapers can be.

Whether you're incontinent or suffer from bedwetting issues, it can truly be difficult to put yourself out there and find someone to have in your life.

This is the same way I approach my writing on this website, my youtube videos, and pretty much anything I set out to do.

When it comes to dating I will try different things.

Which will inevitably lead you to where it lead me. When it comes to dating in diapers some who are incontinent may not be comfortable taking the previous approach while others will inevitably try to expand their selection by going to where regular people go to date. Just to clarify too, by regular people I simply mean non-diaper wearing people. This is when you go out on a few dates with your romantic interest and really get to know each other first.

What a few dates means is entirely up to you but the idea here is to let them love you for you before they know about your condition.

It certainly wouldn't work out very well if they were grossed out and turned off by it.

For that reason I focused my efforts only there for years. The only limitations there are are the ones that you put upon yourself.

One approach I have always taken was to search within the "Diaper Community".

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