Dating rugby players

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His speciality is making professional rugby players look like amateurs.

And at well over 6ft 3, and 240lbs, he’s also rapid on his feet, it often takes at least 2 players to take him down.

He’s also known for his frightening strength and can bench press 210kg (462lbs).

Height: 6ft 1” Weight: 282lbs /128kg This man is the size of a small car, but runs the 100 meters in about 11 seconds.Though vastly different sports, people still constantly debate which sport produce the bigger, stronger or fitter athletes.Rugby is a game for players of all sizes, with players such as Romain Teulet as light as 165lb (75kg) and with those like Bill Cavubutias as heavy as 365lbs (165kg).We’ve tried to keep the list down to 16 because there are so many beasts in the rugby world, so in no particular order, here’s our list of the biggest and strongest rugby players: Height: 6ft 1” Weight: 242lbs / 110kg One of 6 brothers (all of them rugby playing beasts and three made this list), Manu Tuilagi is the definition of a natural freak and the first of his family to play for a national side other than Samoa.Coming from Samoan ancestry, his thighs are so large he could probably give most pro bodybuilders a run for their money.The guy is seriously ripped too, carrying as little as 6% body fat.

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