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In reality, there’s no question that some women living in clubs suffer horrible abuse. But the bulk of the women I’ve talked to—even those who write to me sharing their own stories of abuse, and I do hear from them—say it’s not typical.

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No matter if you are a biker or a Christian for a riding buddy or perfect lifelong mate, as long as you believe in Christianity or are interested in riding lifestyle, you have come to the right place for dating a Christian biker.

Real Biker chicks include moms, sisters, grammas and daughters.

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We were lucky enough to get to ride togther to the church in my town. I have always loved to ride and decided to not date anyone who didn't accepte Jesus Christ.

In a club, women who are married or permanently attached to men are called “old ladies” or “property.” Some of them even wear vests that clearly say, “Property of (man’s name).” That’s appalling to the average modern woman, and I was horrified by it myself.

But the women I’ve talked to in clubs feel differently.My husband wears a patch that says, ‘I am my brother’s keeper,’ and nobody wants a brother like that.” “There are people who abuse their wives, and some who do drugs—of course those things happen,” she told me.“But I don’t think it happens any more in MCs than anywhere else. I think a business executive is just as capable of beating his wife as a brother in an MC. But when you see a group of bikers, you can’t look at them and say, ‘that one’s the rapist’.” Motorcycle club culture is so complex and diverse that there’s no way to fully explore it in a short article—I haven’t even addressed what I’ve learned about criminal activity, portrayals in the media, children, etc. But MC culture is real, and no two clubs are alike. I just dodged them but when I worked in a women's refuge center a few years after my own wild years, we had a lot of ex old ladies. This vanilla coating by making them into romances bothers me.These outlaw clubs are the only groups allowed to call themselves an MC, something that is known and respected throughout the biker community. Women living in MCs tend to be very protective of their men and their clubs, and I had no idea how to reach out to them. They also like it when authors do their research and portray their clubs in a way that’s realistic to them instead of relying on stereotypes.They are in the minority (many call themselves one percenters, because ninety-nine percent of riders don’t qualify), and what they’ve created is a true foreign culture to the average citizen. I immediately saw story potential, but I decided that my books would be based on solid research. Because one of the core values of MC culture is respect, and it’s not very respectful to write about real people’s lives unless you take some time to learn about them first. But eventually, a true researcher can’t rely on secondary sources for information. Through these women, I’ve come to realize that what we think we “know” about women living in clubs is often based on out of date sources and generalizations that have come from the worst horror stories.They like the freedom , the independent and the solidarity.


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