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but it is one small nuance that, maybe, we can begin to insist on observing in polite company. Am I going to get all mama bear on the first boy that treats her badly? But I’m sure not going to send her daddy after him with a Timber Classic.

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And I would do anything to protect you.” You know what? Above all, remember that parenting may get trickier when kids start having hormones and ALL THE FEELINGS, but the journey sure doesn’t begin there.

We have their whole childhood to prepare them for the navigation of romantic relationships.

A shared experience that some people will even say they’ve experienced firsthand, to some degree, whether as daughter, date or dad. But given the power that guns wield, both symbolically and physically, in our world today, I am not laughing.

In fact, gun jokes in general are about as funny as rape jokes. The casual cleaning-of-gun-on-porch schtick is taking a sharp, more violent turn in the current climate, and it needs to be addressed.

If my son breaks up with your daughter and hurts her feelings—even if he is a jerk, which I hope to the good Lord we are raising him not to be—am I to assume it is your right, even duty, to shoot him dead? It is an appalling line of reasoning, any way you shake (or shoot) it.

What about if his physical relationship with your daughter progresses past the point you feel is acceptable/appropriate? Or is second base just a shot in the foot, and maybe rounding third is when you get the deadly cap to the head? Does her girlfriend get the same threat/promise of violence? And I don’t even want to ask what would happen to your son’s boyfriend, if he happened to be gay… And I am done accepting any of it as “just a joke.”I’m working on a book project about progressive family values, and I find the value of non-violence to be one of the most difficult to make tangible.

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