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When he joined , it was so he could figure out why he wasn’t finding love.It looks like whatever Calum learned on the show worked out for him, but he didn’t end up with Brandi Glanville.

The two got in a bit of a lover’s spat, but they seem to have worked it out.

Brandi Glanville went to her Instagram page to share a small update on how they are doing now.

If that's not enough, poor Calum finds himself in hot water with Brandi a second time when he chooses to go on a date with someone else right in front of her face. That is, until Calum accidentally calls her by Aubrey's name! "It was in my head because we've been talking about her on the way here," he explains.

"Jesus, that's like the worst mistake you could ever make!

It is obvious that Pauly D and Aubrey O’Day are going to end up being more than friends.

Also, Brandi Glanville and Calum Best have been spending a lot of time a major cringe-fest with one awkward moment after another—ranging from mildly and comically embarrassing to just straight-up uncomfortable. Calum momentarily forgets Brandi's name: For their first official date, Calum takes Brandi to a cooking class.Between Aubrey O'Day attempting to brand her name on Pauly D's body and Calum Best calling Brandi Glanville by another woman's name, the discomfort is truly real. It's all going well as they prepare the food and make inappropriate jokes. Calum tries to laugh off his embarrassment, but he's still mortified.Much like many of Calum’s ex-flings, which include glamour models Brandi Glanville, Hazel O’Sullivan and Georgia Salpa, new squeeze Lindsey from Louisiana boasts an incredible body… A pal added: “Calum has always said he wants to settle down with the right girl and him and Lindsey have really hit it off.Brandi Glanville’s boyfriend won’t admit he’s dating her because their relationship isn’t “on brand.” Glanville — who’s been dating British bad boy Calum Best for months — felt hurt, confused and led-on when he suggested on Instagram that he’s single, posting a caption, “Relationship status: Table for one, but drinks for two.” But insiders told Page Six that Best just wants to make it seem to his “fans” (whoever they are) that he’s an eligible bachelor.Hopefully, he is ready for a relationship now and knows what he needed to change. That’s always good.” Are you shocked to hear that Brandi Glanville and Calum Best are not dating?

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