Asherons call decal not updating

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When I am running Decal and I ALT-TAB out of AC to do something else and come back to AC all of my Decal graphics are corrupted. There may still be some issues with transparency on some video cards or with certain drivers.

Setting both of the values to 255 will disable this feature and should let you play normally again.

This can be fixed by hitting Update in the Decal Agent.

Please give the Decal developers some time to find the new memlocs and get them posted.

Be patient, and someone will figure it all out and post on the message board about it.

If you really want it done quickly, then feel free to dig out a decompiler and search for the new memory locations.If you still have problems with this, please read the to the end of this FAQ and post about your problem.Why am I getting the message "Could not Enumerate Direct Draw main object"?You may still obtain Decal with other browsers directly through the Source Forge project page if you desire, but ymmv. Then can I move/resize the window inside of the 3D area?Can I move the Decal window to the blank space under the radar? If you upgrade Decal to the latest version, you can move it wherever you want.Previous versions are still available on the SF Project Site, but they were changed because something didn't work so you'll have to use the latest to get support. This is generally caused by not meeting the Decal System Requirements When I download the Decal .

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