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There might have been flute players and torch bearers.

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Roman marriage existed for the production of legitimate children who would be heirs to their fathers property.

Citizenship was a precious designation given only to those who were born of two citizens legally married to each other.

A saffron colored cloak (palla) was worn over the tunic and her sandals were often dyed the same saffron color.

Six pads of artificial hair (seni crines) separated by narrow bands protected her own hairdo.

Marriage and betrothal were legally recognized conditions and both required consent.

While fourteen was a normal age for a girl to get married it was not impossible that she was betrothed when she was only seven years old, [1] too young to even know what marriage was let alone be able to give informed consent, but either side was free to break the engagement at any time without giving a reason or incurring a penalty.If you stumbled by accident into a modern wedding ceremony, it would be easy to identify the cast of characters---bride, groom, bridesmaids, ushers, best man, parents--- even if they were all strangers, and you would certainly have no trouble knowing what had happened just before your unexpected arrival and what was about to happen next.A modern bride might have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.With or without wealth, of course, everyone wanted that all important son to provide the necessary care in old age, since there were no retirement homes or pension plans.A marriage needed the support of two families, and as such, it must offer something of value to both sides.Sleeping together did not make a marriage, [4] and separation did not break one up; [5] what counted was the intent of the individuals involved.


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