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Although Michele says that she would almost always send a quick "good game"-type message to her competitors, this was one of the first times that the conversation turned into something more substantial.She and Jon realized that they had a lot more in common besides a penchant for Big Bang Theory and that they only lived a few states away.

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Through the app's messaging feature, Michele shot off a quick note: "It's hard to beat someone on that level!

" He couldn't resist a message of his own: "Well, it's hard to beat somebody with such pretty eyes." From there, the two continued chatting.

After the special upgrade to the VIP status, members can turn off the website annoying advertisement to ease the dating process.

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Although she had been single for several years, she had no interest in turning to her smartphone to spark her love life.

She was, however, hooked on a trivia app called Quiz Up.They kept chatting within the app, but, after two days, decided to exchange phone numbers.That first conversation, they talked on the phone for nearly 12 hours straight, staying up all night, unable to tear themselves away. "Everything just clicked." Although Quiz Up is by no means meant to inspire romances, CEO of Plain Vanilla Games, which makes the app, told Business Insider that he heard many stories about people forming friendships with other "experts" they play against."People are practically writing essays on their mobile phones." Jon and Michele continued talking and decided to meet up in Vegas in November, five weeks later.The match felt even better in real life than over the phone or in the app. Michele says Quiz Up sent them a giant card and a trivia book as a congratulations on their special day. The company told her that she and Jon were the first couple to ever find true love through its app.After all, Quiz Up connects people who are passionate about specific topics, and shared passion is a good ingredient for love.


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