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Skarsgard played a young boy battling tuberculosis and seemed to possess an innate screen presence.

“You have a very intense experience together and I don’t think it’s very uncommon that people meet at work.” He pauses, then laughs. You get to know people, you become friends, and then it leads to something else.”And while his star is rising in Hollywood, Skarsgard says he doesn’t plan to leave the HBO show—which will resume shooting its fifth season in December—any time soon, saying, “As long as it’s fun, I’m having a blast, and they want me on the show, I’ll do it.” where he’ll play a married man caught up in an identity-theft scam—a role for which Skarsgard packed on 15 pounds.

And of course, he plays the commanding officer of a U. Navy destroyer in next summer’s blockbuster “I thought I had a busy, tough schedule, but f--- me, man! “We would shoot Friday in Hawaii, Saturday she’d fly to L. to perform at the MTV Music Awards, take the redeye back after the show, land, come back to the set with a smile on her face.

The story centers on an undercover agent (Marling, who also co-wrote the film) from a private contracting firm who is tasked with protecting corporations from eco-terrorists and anti-business extremists.

When she is sent to investigate an anarchist organization known as “The East”, she finds herself falling for its leader (Skarsgard).

She’s really tough and I was very impressed.”“It’s kind of crazy but I’m just trying to be smart, find the right projects, and enjoy every single day of it,” said Skarsgard.

“I’ve had moments where my phone’s silent and I get no scripts sent my way or no phone calls from agents.

Skarsgard plays Michael, Justine’s new husband, who hopes to fix this broken woman.

Despite von Trier’s recent “I’m a Nazi” comment at Cannes, which Skarsgard told The Daily Beast was “very stupid” and a byproduct of the eccentric director’s “bizarre sense of humor,” the enthralling film is being hailed as von Trier’s masterpiece.

“I started thinking about acting again and figured I should try it before I dismiss it for good.”So Skarsgard moved to New York City and enrolled in an acting class at Marymount Manhattan College.


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