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May you also find re-newed commitment to building meaningful partnerships with the families we advocate for and serve, especially when your work gets to be extra challenging. If one of your questions stumps me; I'm sure someone else on line will have some wisdom to share. I have a two-year-old in my group who is aggressive with the other children, sometimes biting or hitting.

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We're all in this field together; so the more ideas we have to reflect upon, the more successful all of us will be.

I hope these few days of "Web Talk" will help gain an even deeper appreciation of the critical role you play in family life.

Gather information from each child's point of view.

Brainstorm and help children generate simple solutions. For children who chronically turn to aggression to express themselves, I've sometimes tried to help them find alternatives.

[Karen Stephens ]: First, trust the parents' honesty.

The child may not conduct himself at home as he does at child care, especially if he doesn't have a sibling that requires him to share toys or his parents' attention at home. Tell them it's good to hear he doesn't use aggression at home.

Use it as an opportunity to ask how they handle discipline at home; particularly how do they help reduce his frustration and control his impulses at home.

Third, you really have no control over what a child does at home.

I know MANY of YOU also have valuable expertise to share.


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