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Don't forgo that lost art forever: "Seduce your partner," she says. Text your partner throughout the day telling him or her what you are doing to do after work, then deliver on those promises." It's all about incorporating an element of surprise, she says. "If you aren't sure how your partner wants to be seduced, ask," she says.

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"They sometimes make love to express love, and it can be tender or sweet, and sometimes they are just going through the motions, because they feel like they 'should' be having sex," she says.

There's nothing wrong with that — Jeske warns against falling into dry spells, and encourages clients to have sex regularly — but it's also worth exploring how to make sex a little more erotic. Which will enhance your sex life with your long-term partner.

Here are 13 ways to how to keep your sex life hot in an LTR. If you don't want to change that up, who usually seduces, and who is usually seduced?

"Does one person typically 'drive' during your sexual encounter? "Take turns being in control or initiating." If that's enough for now, stop there — but you can also "play with power by exploring being a little more submissive or more dominant," she says.

This makes sense — there are only so many times that you can roll out a new idea or position, and it's way too easy to let yourself become too comfortable.

Couples can struggle with how often to have sex, and what to do when they're in bed together.

' they have no idea what they want or how to ask for it," Jeske says.

"Making a seduction bowl with your partner will It's not all about you, just like it's not all about your partner, but it's fully acceptable to let it be all about you sometimes.

"It will help you focus on what feels good." Your sense of smell is a good place to start, since "smell can be highly erotic," she says. Have a sensual picnic where you explore different textures and tastes together.


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