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She has conducted health care research in a broad range of therapeutic areas, including oncology, hematology, dermatology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, neurology, psychiatry, endocrinology, cardiology/circulatory, respiratory diseases, and other chronic disease areas. Her work has involved comparative effectiveness and cost effectiveness research; prediction algorithms; assessment of disease prevalence and incidence; burden of illness; productivity loss; treatment patterns; analysis of patient-reported outcomes; and safety/tolerability analyses with the use of multiple data sources, including claims databases (commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, DOD, RAMQ), clinical trial data, electronic medical records, patient chart review data, and patient and physician surveys. Guérin also has significant experience in designing patient and physician surveys and patient chart abstraction forms.

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We asked Night to give us her top five performer-tested tips to help you have your hottest virtual sex yet.

Light It Right"To have great lighting, get lamps [in addition to] your ceiling lighting.

A clamp lamp is the best: Clip it on the back of the chair [that] your computer is on and point the lights at the wall, so the light bounces back onto you.

Direct lighting or a bare lightbulb is not flattering and can degrade your cam quality.

You realize that people love Now, Night hosts three coaching sessions per week and mentors CAM4 performers one-on-one, advising them on everything from body confidence to flattering lighting to the importance of maintaining a healthy offline life.

While camming can be both emotionally and financially liberating — "an average performer [is] making 200, 250 dollars a day," says Night — self-care is especially important in this biz, because "a lot of this can be a little lonely.

The silence can be almost deafening when you close the laptop," Night explains.

"A lot of people get sucked in."While some of Night's advice is tailored for professionals, much of her wisdom applies to anyone seeking sexual confidence and, specifically, better webcam sex with a partner.

In response to Arctic sea ice loss, polar cap stratospheric ozone decreases by 13 DU (34 DU at the North Pole) in spring, confirming the results of Scinocca et al (2009 Geophys. The ozone reduction persists until the polar vortex breaks down in late spring.

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