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Being attracted to someone of the same sex or understanding that your gender identity is different from your biological sex can be frightening, so much so that you may deny your feelings. You try to put them out of your mind but you can't.

Finally, you stop resisting, and in that instant, your world changes.

And virtually all of us are strongly discouraged from identifying more with another gender. If you landed here looking for bisexual women's erotic movies or similar, you probably aren't going to find any on Shy's.

That's why so many of us are shocked or confused when it happens. However, you might find exactly what you were looking for HERE !

Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders.

Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality. Jon had brought me home after babysitting the first time and invited me back to sit again for them on Saturday night.

Our parents, our families, our teachers, our friends and seemingly our entire culture told us that a day would arrive when we would meet someone of the opposite sex and get married.

Very few of us are told that we might fall in love with someone of the same sex.

Seeing her and being around her again, the events of the past few days—my deal with Simon—suddenly seemed like just a fantasy again, a rough dream.

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